Google sawing off its branch?

Independently in conversation and in the feed a while back, folk have noticed that the world-wide result list ain’t what it used to be.

It’s known that one of the ingredients in Google search is the PageRank algorithm.  As I understand it, the full algorithm identifies trusted directory pages for a set of terms. The destination pages linked from such directories get a higher rank for those terms.

Speculation: With the triumph of Google search, does anyone bother creating or maintaining directory pages about a subject any more?  And if not … maybe there goes the petard?

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2 Responses to Google sawing off its branch?

  1. Don Day says:

    I’m absorbing some advice about SEO tactics at this page, Erik, where they happened to mention how social networking cues augment PageRank for rankings.

    • ehennum says:

      Don, thanks for the reference — that resonates with Tim Bray’s complaints (linked in the first sentence).

      Maybe it’s just a lot harder to find the authorities in the social media firehose?

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