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Getting started with XProc

Some starter XProc idioms that work for me; and some speculations on an XSLT-based pipeline engine. Continue reading

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Tag libraries and callbacks for XSLT / XQuery

Separating style and layout from data manipulation in XSLT (with a proof of concept). Continue reading

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The word according to Balisage

As I started looking forward to getting my assumptions torqued at the Balisage markup conference, it occurred to me to see what Jonathan Feinberg’s Wordle would make of the program descriptions: Much the same as the buzz in the line … Continue reading

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The explicit and the implicit (RDF vs XML)

The case for implicit markup in XML and speculations about lift from XHTML to RDF by embedding XSPARQL. Continue reading

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A relation typing idiom in RDF

Placating the object-oriented hankering for typed relations in RDF with owl:allValuesFrom. Continue reading

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Implementing a simple wiki on MarkLogic Server

A wiki requires surprisingly little effort with XQuery and a few Open Source Java libraries. Continue reading

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Open Graph, or the website extended

Trying to get a grip on a web experience distributed across organizations. Continue reading

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